Mountaintop View

Photo by Rachel McDermott | Unsplash
Faith Muscle

6 thoughts on “Mountaintop View

  1. Thinking of you, Stacy. Mother’s Day is a day that evokes a lot of pain. The “bereaved mothers’ club” is definitely the saddest of all. 😢😢😢

  2. You’ve been in my heart and prayers the last several days. Thank you for inspiring us through your journey. The mountaintop view is the evidence of your faith. The vulnerability, grace, and hope you share is an inspiration. Love and prayers, Karla 🙏🏻💛

  3. and like the vine and leaf ‘we’ too, innately, know what our hearts say to each other; a flower in the ruins will always blossom…

    Hope all is good Stacy. I don’t know how long Google/WP will let my/this site run. It should end tomorrow. I had a better free service than this one. Its been hack central. Anyway, whinge over. LOL.

  4. Hey Stacy, I didn’t know it was Mothers Day in the US yesterday and posted my comment as visual reaction to the graphics. I hope though that your heart is light and that the calm and inner peace you talk and write of is with you. If, it isn’t for what ever reason lean in to the wind and sail; you know how to.

    btw I still miss your winding roads stories, such are the roads travelled that I too was thinking of the Mary’s and Turner’s in our life’s, (a deliberate misspelling because having faith in the gift of more than one life, in this life is, I find, possible.)

      • psst Alec, although the x version was my Mam’s preference and also my very first proper girlfriend’s, who incidentally has just phoned me, like we’d never broke up, she did the dumping, but maybe Alex is the way forward. Thank you Capt’n. Ship-A-Hoy…

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