Calm Waters

Photo by Ben Mack on

Naomi Judd, American Country Singer, January 11, 1946 – April 30, 2022

Sometimes you cannot sing without strain. Fortunately, music is not infinite, but has a finite number of possibilities. In a similar vein, sing a new song filled with faith and hope that calm waters will carry you to the safety of home.

Faith Muscle

8 thoughts on “Calm Waters

  1. Yet it’s in stormy sea’s that we learn how to sail; And tell the tale.

    Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is, along side Dylan’s The Mouse and the Woman, my favourite.

    You OK? I miss the long windy roads you write. You are an accomplished sailor Stacy. And one that I salute. Ship ahoy, matey.


    • Aww, thank matey. Yes, okay! Thank you for asking and thank you, as always, for your kind words and good advice! Sometimes I just like to take it all in, read and listen and enjoy other people’s words! LOL!

      • KERPOW, Stacy… and that’s precisely what I am useless at… no wonder the albatross got shot down… thanks for the guidance Capt’n… genuinely appreciate it… hugs for you

  2. Love that image, Stacey. Your blog header shows a churning wave, and this calm one below it is a contrast. Though it’s temporary – as surfers wait for a swell to take them to shore. Just like grief. It’s calm, but the inevitable swell of grief comes to wash over us. (And I actually do believe that music is infinite.)
    Thinking of you and sending much love.

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