🏆2nd Blogging Award🏆Announced!

I am proud to share with the blogging community that the Connecticut Press Club (CPC) has announced that my blog post, In the Heights of Father’s Day, has won FIRST place for best blog post of 2021. The entry now moves on to compete at the affiliate level of the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW).

If you recall, the press club awarded, Am I in the Right Room? a second prize in the blogging category for CPC’s 2020 contest.

As a side note, one of my travel stories also won an honorable mention in the 2021 travel writing category.

The awards will be presented in June, and I will keep you updated.

I am humbled and, at the same time, honored to be recognized. It has been a bittersweet, 40-something year writing journey. When my children were growing up, and I spent every weekend and holiday “working” on a project, I never doubted for one minute that my earnest efforts would pay off and, in the future, I would have ample family quality time. One day, I thought, I would be able financially to “retire” or, at least, have weekends off. Of course, living in my writer’s fantasy, my dreams were simply illusions, pipedreams dribbled down on paper. I am left with thinking about the years of Sunday movies at the theater that I did not have the opportunity to watch with my young and growing family.

When it comes to writing this blog, sometimes I fear that I shouldn’t be transparent and, instead, keep my vulnerabilities to myself. At this point in my life, though, I work hard at steering clear of judging others and keeping my opinions about others to myself and, as such, the only opinion about moi that matters is my own. This mindset has proven to be of great therapeutic value to me and allows me to express myself during the times I need to. In turn, I am grateful to you, my blogging community, for providing me with a judgment-free zone that is my safe sanctuary and certainly my faith muscle and a “winner’s circle” all around.

Faith Muscle

13 thoughts on “🏆2nd Blogging Award🏆Announced!

  1. I can’t imagine what you have achieved, and genuinely so. According to Google analytics I have written over 500,000 words, yet I don’t believe that most words used actually count; somehow they don’t make a difference. And, I pause to think and smile to myself because your words and writings actually matter to me and personally so. Ta Dah… I think that’s what Stacy does and how… So, I am not into institutional accolades but I am into supporting you… So, big up Stacy, WoWzer and everything. I would ask though, if you have the inclination, to bottom out the whole Trauma Bonding thing ; the micro – macro forgets that most of us live in the middle of it all, what ever it all is, failing to see the difficulties of being in the middle of the middle of…. You are a natural inspiration Stacy, for me…

  2. I admire your strength to be transparent. When I read your words I relate to you well and feel that internally I relate to your pain. My wounds are different but I think once wounded deeply, you are never whole again. A surgeon told me that you hope for 80% of previous strength in the body with some surgeries but on the outside the wound looks healed.

  3. Congrats Stacy, your blogging community is proud of you Your words come from your heart I am looking forward to seeing you in flesh and blood!

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