Be at Peace

My strongest walk of faith is when I listen to my inner voice that comes to me on the wings of my inner spirit and NOT society’s real-time GPS that “directs, tracks, routes and maintains the fleet.”

Be at peace today. Steal a moment of quiet for yourself in today’s bossy, noisy world. You may be astounded at what you hear!

Faith Muscle

8 thoughts on “Be at Peace

  1. HUH, Stacy I need distractions and lots of them. Like as I try to send this I, by mistake, Google the word In; while searching out of curiosity, and relevance to the idea of peace, the tune ‘Into Your Arms’ by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, to be completely taken aback by the definition of ‘in’.

    I find distraction gives me peace from my inner punishers and the unconscious prompts that sneak out guide me to where I need to go. Like 15 yrs ago I whistle blew and fell out with absolutely everyone. Yesterday I am sent a note from a branch of my former professional association giving collective voice to the very matters I raised a decade or more ago. My inner punishers lept in delight, shouting, About Fucking Time, We’re Knackered and Need a Break; adding a cautious note reminding me that it’s the start of the build up to the next elections and I am, in all probability, a continued pain in the ass. I accept this wisdom, too.

    So, I would say, sure, the traffic were sent is often pushy and serves only to access your email address, contacts and private data; not least of all WordPress. But really what I wanna say, ney, Shout Out Loud is HiYa Stacy, You Got This and hope you hear it for yourself; quiet or not, all our inner voices need to be heard, and sometimes on and from an outside source: healing in, many ways.

    Big Hugs Stacy.

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