Salute Your Inner Voice

Maybe it’s the melancholy pieces of classical music that stream in my office, or the frosty end-of-March days accented in snow sprinkles, or maybe it’s that my bones are achy as I close in on the final chapter of my life and my bookshelf topples over with a bibliophile’s grand list of “Books to read before you die”; likely though, it is the combination of these things that has motivated me to take a little breather from my weekly introspective blog posts that I’ve been writing for two years this month.

You see, for the last 37 years I’ve lived under deadlines and commitments and as the days roll in, I want to roll out of bed, shake the aging bones and walk for miles aimlessly at the seashore as I once did as a child and allow the salt air to fix everything that hurts.

The years ahead are far fewer than the years behind. I am like a ramshackle house that requires a laundry list of self-care.

That being said, beginning next week, I will be posting faith-related “Quotes” for the next few months, before I make a final decision about the direction I want to take with WTF, Where’s the Faith.

Above all, I thank you all for your faith in me. It helps fan my faith-o-meter and propels me forward.

Faith Muscle

6 thoughts on “Salute Your Inner Voice

  1. Stacy, I encourage you to take any direction your heart leads you. I remember writing so often for my blog – I was giddy to share everything that moved me. Now I write whenever I feel inspired. Sometimes many months go by. I am fine with that. Live your life in the best way possible!

  2. I heard your voice over
    Frayed telephone wires
    Internet fibers and through
    A glitchy neural network
    Loose ends
    Tied again
    I understand the phone calls
    From when we were
    Seven? Eight? Nine?
    Your voice singing
    Mary, Mary, Blueberry…
    Traveling from those
    Telephone wires
    To the wires in my head
    Still heard, to this day yet
    Now I understand it
    Had everything to do
    With petunias
    I wish you peace
    My sister, friend, compatriot
    As we complete one
    Of many circles
    Formed by messages
    And come to understand
    Yet another thing

  3. Oh, blast from the past!
    Thank you for your words – your writing is a wonderful treat for the spirit. I am glad to have found it.
    Today I found a photo of us (when we were eight?). I emailed it – hope it found its way to you!

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