Faith in a Nutshell

Faith Muscle

12 thoughts on “Faith in a Nutshell

  1. Wonderful post, Stacy! (I started writing my comment with the words: “I believe,” which is another example of faith.)
    I believe that faith doesn’t have to represent God or religion. During dark times in my life, I carried faith that I would “make it through.” Perhaps faith can be about believing in our own perseverance!

  2. Venus sits,
    the upper tip of a crescent Moon,
    Mother Mary comes to me,

    “In the Dragon’s Breath is forged,
    Heaven on Earth,
    Blue and Green and Grey Eyes,
    are star dust threads,
    an All-of-All,

    Heart speaks,
    always the silent in silence,
    In-Take, so slowly, slowly,
    a Dragon’s Breath,
    is Taken.”

    Did, Mother Mary, say to me,
    to you too.

    *promoted by venus sitting above a crescent moon where I am… lol*

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