Faith in George II-The Saga Continues

Image by augustfinster from Pixabay

Here’s a recap of my Where’s George post from last week, Faith in George

As promised from my last blog, there’s more to the Where’s George story.
After I replied to my fellow Georgers’ email, she wrote a subsequent email with the subject “your son + forum post”

Here is her email:

“Dear Stacy,
My heart is so sad for you and for your son. I have lost people very close to me, so I know what that’s like, but I’ve heard people say nothing compares to losing one’s child. And to have the added effects of knowing he took his own life…I can understand why you say it’s unbearable. I hope you’re being patient with yourself and kind to yourself.”

It was another Georger who posted your hit to the forums. There’s not much to the post, but the fact that he posted it says to me that he was as touched as I was. I’m glad our thoughts and my note were helpful to you. Please take care of you. Delta

I replied to Delta:

“Dear Delta,
And I will forever be touched by your kindness. In fact, though most times it feels impossible to “take care of me,” encouragement from folks like you help me inch forward. Again, I can’t thank you enough.”
Sincerely, Stacy

After I replied to Delta’s email, I signed into the Where’s George forum and found the original post that Delta referred to in her email. The other Georger calls himself “snagmolion” in the forums. His post about my bill that I posted, and commented about, on the tracker is below:

“. . . not “fun” in the usual way, but poignant enough to share, I thought . . . you never know how folks will respond when they find our bills.”

Imagine that! Snagmolion is not only a cool guy, but a compassionate guy. Goes to show, acts of kindness can derive from a simple smile at a stranger, bringing a neighbor fresh garden produce “just because” or spreading love through cash.

As a matter of fact, after doing a bit of research, I found that Snagmolion has been a member of the Where’s George community since 2013. He has circulated 21,249 bills and has posted 3,855 times!

My reply?
“Thanks so much Snagmolion for your act of empathy. In a flash of kindness, you have infused faith into my dark world. Keep helping brighten the world, one bill at a time.” Sincerely, Stacy

All I can say, at this point, is faith can be found in the strangest of places. Sometimes no GPS required. It’s right inside your pocket.

Faith Muscle

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