Faith Fotos

Living in a new normal, I am still alive on this journey by flying on the wings of a small, select tribe. They hold me up when my legs turn to rubber. They stand firmly beside me despite the days when my words are thunderous and moods storm. When I am surrounded by dark, they are my light switch.

They infuse me with oxygen and hope. Faith has been called “the substance of hope,” and that is what my tribe extends to me the most.

In those first futile days, days after my world turned pitch black, my friend sister Anne, an amazing photographer, sent me the most glorious photographs that looked so polar opposite to the despair I was experiencing. As it turned out, they were part of my faith-fabric that sewed my unraveling world together.


Faith Foto2

Photo Credit: Anne Yoken

Faith Foto1

Photo Credit: Anne Yoken


“The sun always rises no matter how dark the night.” This is what my friend sister wrote along with her photos.

So far, the sun has risen. Ironically, the brightest, reddish, orangey sunrise (and the only one I was up early enough to witness) was the morning we buried my son. I still picture its splendor and wonder if underneath its robust spirited color, one could unearth a stairway to heaven.

Faith Foto3

Photo Credit: Anne Yoken



Faith Muscle

4 thoughts on “Faith Fotos

  1. What a beautiful way to describe the sun and the image of a stairway to heaven that needs to be unearthed.Thats certainly how a persons emotions feel when faced with a gut wrenching painful life experience. As you scoop out a bit of soil and see the stairway it’s not ready to must continue to dig. With each min, hour, or day you dig in the soil of your soul, you lessen the pain and strengthen your soul s muscles.You are realigning your body memory and you are changing forever. Facing your emotions means you honor your feelings and respect your Creator..By the time the stairway is completely visible you are healed.You still feel the pain of your loss but it a numb pain you can live with.Theres a hole in your heart that’s now filled with love of friends and family, it’s filled each time you hear music that fills your soul and make you want to dance, you light a candle and feel a rush of energy.These moment are magical and special.Trust as the sun rises each day it sets as well and God is good.You are a wonderful, beautiful lady Stacey and you will be showered with abundant joys and blessings as the days go on.Always keep your face to the sun and you will not see the shadows.Love and hugs,

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