January Reflections: A Question a day to deepen your faith (24)

Never mind New Year’s resolutions. Angel4 Wrap your mind around January reflections: A question a day every day for the next 30 days to deepen your faith.

24. Do you choose faith over doubt? Over fear? Over the unknown, unwarranted and unfair?

colors-2203720_1920Note the word: “Choose” in today’s question. 

You freely choose whether to be swallowed up by the fear monster or to consent to His life jacket to buoy you up until you reach level land.

strong-and-courageousstock-vector-be-free-be-wild-be-brave-be-strong-be-creative-be-inspired-be-beautiful-be-positive-be-585130168Stay tuned!…until next time…walk by faith not by sight!

Faith Muscle

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