The Atheist’s Soul

Malcolm is magnificent. Every time I ponder a topic for WTF: Where’s the faith, Malcolm comes up with an idea I can work from! As far as WTF goes, I believe that anyone who has gone through personal loss and crisis has done a least a wee bit of “soul searching.” More to follow…

Malcolm's Corner

The Soul

My book club is like an extended family. We have been going long enough that we have already seen three of our number pass away, one from suicide, one from illness and one from not-so-old-age. I mention this only to convey that our members, a sprinkling of bright, secular-minded, financial types, techies and assorted professionals, are all old enough to have experienced at least some of the dark side of life, as well as much of the pain and suffering we invariably inflict on ourselves as a result of our all-too-human frailties. Yet, the other day, my suggestion to read a book about how popular culture portrays the soul and the afterlife, was met with blank stares. After all, to the modern secular mind the soul and the afterlife are just mystical, superstitious beliefs, unworthy of consideration outside of a religious studies course.

Unfortunately, this is to see science and religion…

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