Just to drive the point home that I certainly AM NOT ALONE! Yes, our situations are a wee bit different, but my sentiments EXACTLY! Wow, the blogging world sure is a gift to me! Thank you! Thank you for your courage to put this out there!

A Gripping Life

My husband, Neil, was supposed to arrive home yesterday morning on the red-eye. His plane usually gets in around 6:00 am and he’s home by 7:00 am. That hour had come and gone so I called his cell phone to see if there had been a delay. He answered and said he wasn’t coming home, he was still in California. Then he added, “I think we need to go our separate ways.” Mind you, he’s done stuff like this before and my stomach usually turns somersaults. But this time was different because he added the bit about, “separate ways.” After that I just heard bits and pieces — something about wanting to live an honest life. I remember feeling like I was gonna be sick, my breathing became heavy, and I started feeling dizzy. Oh God, I thought, is it possible I’m bleeding?

Maybe my mentioning “The Perfect Storm” the…

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